We develop integral engineering projects focused on satisfying our clients, combining rationality and economic balance with regulatory compliance, personal safety and environmental protection.

We work to ensure the correct implementation of activities in industrial, residential and tertiary buildings.

Projects and legalizations

The implementation and start-up of any activity requires an administrative and technical process that allows an optimal, efficient and legal operation in line with the needs of our clients. At GMG, prioritizing feasibility and productivity, we work on these types of projects:
  • Environmental activities.
  • Low and medium voltage electrical installations
  • Industrial cooling / heating
  • Thermal installations
  • ATEX environments
  • Storage of chemical products
  • Fire protection
  • Water supply, treatment and disposal facilities
  • Telecommunications and weak current installations
  • Security Installations
  • BMS installations

Consultancy of activities and facilities

As a unique branch of facility and activity projects, we analyze new ideas and initiatives from clients and assist them in making decisions. With a solid technical and economic base, we offer and develop specific and integral works to guarantee that these ideas are also executable.
  • Preliminary studies for the implementation of activities in buildings.
  • Analysis and monitoring of environmental and technical compliance
  • Regulatory updates

Energy and environment

Energy saving, renewable energy production and consumption, as well as environmental protection, has been a priority in the focus of our work for the last 15 years. With the conviction and confidence in a world that is capable of optimizing natural resources, we continue to focus on sustainability in the development of specific projects in this area.
  • Installations with renewable energies
  • Saving and use of water
  • Energy audits
  • Energy certifications
  • Control and reduction of emissions
  • Waste minimization projects
  • Carbon footprint reduction
legalized activities
Thermal kW planned and legalized
kW electrical projected and legalized
energy certificates
tertiary projects