At GMG we advocate honest, rational architecture that is well adapted to its surroundings and prioritizes people's needs while taking care of aesthetics. We design our buildings to optimize energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, achieve a dignified aging and enable their recycling.

We design our buildings to optimise energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, achieve dignified ageing and enable recycling.

Feasibility studies

Any development requires a prior economic feasibility analysis. To do it right, a preliminary project must be available to optimize the performance of the building according to market demand, the preferences of the property and within the urban planning possibilities. Then it is necessary to determine the total costs of the whole investment and the economic returns depending on whether the development is intended for sale or rent or whether the market is free or protected.
  • Free and subsidised housing developments
  • Public-private developments on municipal land
  • Equipment and office developments

New construction and energetic rehabilitation projects

When we start a new construction project, at GMG we apply the vision that the building must provide the best comfort with the minimum possible energy, it must age correctly while minimizing its maintenance, its materials must reduce its CO2 footprint and it must be easily recyclable at the end of its useful life.

The large stock of buildings constructed before the turn of the century are large energy consumers that do not meet any efficiency requirements. We like to rehabilitate buildings, as a concept, it is more sustainable than replacing them. In 2009, however, we decided that all our rehabilitation projects, apart from extending the useful life of the buildings, would provide them with the highest possible energy efficiency, in order to reduce their environmental impact during the following years of their life. Since then, we speak only of Energy Rehabilitation. Under these criteria we develop different types of projects.
  • Free housing buildings
  • Subsidized housing buildings
  • Single-family houses
  • Equipment and office buildings

Construction and Project Management

The purpose of any architectural project is to build it. The performance of buildings has increased exponentially in recent years and their installation systems are now much more complex. That is why in GMG we manage the works as architects, but we also assist as technical architects, ensuring the quality of the construction, and as engineers to direct and control the execution of the installations.

If the client requires it, we offer the Project Management service and represent him during the promotion. We are in charge of bidding the work, preparing the contracts, economic control and follow-up of the Planning.
  • Free housing buildings
  • Subsidized housing buildings
  • Single-family houses
  • Equipment and office buildings
projected m2
HPO dwellings
tons CO2 saved/year (42% compared to average)
kWh saved/year (40% compared to average)
m2 energetically rehabilitated