We specialize in the development of urban transformation areas of municipal and territorial scale.

We work from the planning of the urban development model to the urban management that makes its execution possible, as well as the drafting of housing plans, equipment plans, etc.

Urban planning

At GMG we offer drafting services for all types of urban management instruments, especially derived planning (partial plans, urban improvement plans and special plans) and modifications to general planning. Our work in this field is based on achieving a good urban planning, coherent with the environment and pre-existences, always taking into account sustainability criteria and guaranteeing its viability, not only economically, but also from the technical and management point of view.
  • Partial plans
  • Urban improvement plans
  • Special plans
  • POUM modifications

Urban management

In GMG's urban planning area we take care of the drafting of urban management figures, especially reparcelling projects, and of the advice and follow-up during their processing, resolving any incidents that may arise until they are registered in the land registry. We also formulate urbanization projects and provide technical assistance to developers and compensation boards, so that urban plans can become a reality.
  • Reparcelling projects
  • Joint appraisal / expropriation projects
  • Urbanization projects

Housing and equipment plans

Local housing plans and equipment master plans are very useful strategic instruments for local councils to be able to plan their housing policies in a coherent and realistic way and to guarantee a correct network of attention to people. GMG is one of the most experienced consultants in this field.
  • Local housing plans
  • Equipment master plans

Urban planning studies

GMG offers urban planning advice to land developers and public administrations, carrying out diagnosis and strategy studies to develop sectors, expert opinions and reports, or other specific instruments linked to the territory, such as social reports, road inventories, landscape studies, etc.
  • Diagnosis and strategy studies
  • Social reports
  • Landscape impact and integration studies
  • Road inventories
  • Feasibility studies
  • Citizen participation programs
  • Integral intervention projects
  • Expert opinions and reports
Urban development plans
HPO programmed in the LHPs
new m2 of green areas
500,000 m2 of new facilities
Local Housing Plans (LHP)
HPO programmed in the LHPs