Gestió urbanística


Molí de l’oli in Collbató

Urbanization project


262 m2




Plaça Molí de l’Oli, Collbató


Ajuntament de Collbató


Berta Tiana Fotografia


To generate an open space in the old town as an entrance to the oil mill.

The aim of the project is to adapt the urbanization of the space resulting from the demolition of an old building, which allows to generate a new square at the intersection between Pau Bertran Street and Pasaje de la Salud, in the old town of Collbató, in front of the equipment of the Oil Mill.


To evaluate the connection between the different spaces and streets, with criteria of integration with the environment.

Given the small surface of the space to be projected, priority is given to the criteria of maximum accessibility between the different streets that connect in this area, avoiding architectural barriers, and also taking into account environmental and landscape criteria, permeability of the soil, etc.


Free space vertebrating the streets of the old town that acts as an access space to the equipment.

The proposed treatment of this space is resolved with a series of inclined planes that give continuity to all the streets and spaces that connect at this point, juxtaposed with unpaved, permeable landscaped areas that allow the landscape treatment of the area, with trees that allow the visual order, the treatment of party walls that are uncovered in this new space, etc.

Intervening in an old town with sustainability criteria means taking into account the environment and people. Accessibility and landscape criteria. Social and environmental criteria.