Vapor Gran

Improvement of the Vapor Gran urbanization


10.300 m2




Passeig del Vapor Gran, Terrassa


Ajuntament de Terrassa


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To reactivate and give value to an underutilized public space.

In 2007 the Vapor Gran area was presented as the new center of the city of Terrassa, but subsequently the commercial activity was progressively decreasing, which is directly related to the underutilization of public space, which ended up remaining mostly as a transit space. In order to revert this situation, it is proposed to intervene in certain areas of this public space.


Collectively rethink the use and destination of the area.

Based on the reflections of a collaborative diagnosis led by Itziar González and a previous document "Revitalization of the Vapor Grande area and its surroundings" (Espinàs-Tarrassó), seven areas were defined where to act, from different perspectives, to improve the use of public space.


Small actions that turn weaknesses into strengths

GMG's proposal takes the form of several specific actions to improve the urbanization, with different objectives and solutions, but which together manage to make this space more dynamic. One example: the replacement of a retaining wall with steps and children's playground equipment that takes advantage of the slope (with slides and climbing elements), transforming a barrier into a hub of activity.

With small actions it is possible to make important changes. A landscaped play area instead of a retaining wall is an environmental and social improvement that in turn has an impact on the economic dynamization of the environment. Transforming weaknesses into strengths.