Gestió urbanística

Sant Pere de Ribes

Carrer Nou



1.964 m2




Carrer Nou, Nucli antic de Ribes


Ajuntament de Sant Pere de Ribes


Berta Tiana Fotografia


Transforming a traditional street into a central axis of the old town center.

In line with the Urban Improvement Plan for the old quarter of Ribes, drawn up by GMG, the City Council proposed the need to redevelop this street, which initially had narrow sidewalks and most of its surface area given over to vehicles.


Establishing priority for the main users, pedestrians.

The urbanization of this street is repaired in coherence with its functionality as a central road of the town and in response to the new mobility criteria proposed, which foresee prioritizing the pedestrian over the vehicle and that it also becomes a living space, not just a place to pass through.


Gaining space for people and a space of quality and centrality.

The traditional section of the street, consisting of sidewalks and roadway, was replaced by a single-level pavement with tree wells of a certain size and trees, and by providing it with urban furniture that would favor its use by pedestrians, avoid architectural barriers, and make it a more permeable public space and therefore more sustainable from an environmental point of view.

Sustainability at the urban planning level involves the regeneration of the city itself. Buildings will be replaced by more efficient and less polluting constructions, public spaces will reduce their parking function to gain space for people, trees, etc.