All4labels Headquarters

Implementation of a new administrative and production plant for a company that prints self-adhesive labels for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.


5000 m2




Carrer Pisuerga 27-27, Terrassa


Berta Tiana Fotografia


Implementation of an industrial activity of self-adhesive label printing in a 5000m2 building.

Implementation of an industrial self-adhesive label printing activity, with the capacity for the orderly growth of its production and for the incorporation of new services in the short term.
To control the investment costs and to comply with the environmental regulations applicable and corresponding to a potentially polluting activity, with the main requirement of having the industry in operation within the next few months.


Detailed planning of the implementation, with the incorporation of new ideas and needs also in an orderly manner

Based on the analysis of current and future needs, the implementation criteria, the execution planning and the implementation of all systems are defined in agreement with the promoters.
The complexity of the industry at the facility level, with the presence of several systems, has required the coordination of all the industrialists and suppliers in order to have the industry fully operational on schedule.
In addition to the industrial part, an integral enlargement of both the administrative and production areas was carried out, as well as a global improvement of the building envelope to reduce the energy losses associated with this parameter.


Integral project, developed with the collaboration between technicians, owners and industrialists.

Based on the above criteria, the implementation of the project is developed with the implementation of the necessary systems. In addition to the engineering work, the Project Management work is carried out, achieving a reduction of the implementation time and therefore of the production start-up. Additionally, the implementation of 300 kWp of photovoltaic solar energy is planned and is currently in the process of execution.

The final result of the project was a 70% reduction in VOC emissions and a 15% reduction in special waste.