Habitatge Plurifamiliar


Nisart residential complex

75 dwellings with AA energy rating


15.300 m2




C/Abadessa Mª Lluïsa Dalmau 10-16, Sitges

Num. Houses









To design a complex with 5 multi-family blocks with high quality standards and maximum energy rating.

The complex is located in Sitges, within the new urban development sector of La Plana-Vallpineda-Santa Bàrbara. Our project, which occupies an entire block, consists of a residential complex of five isolated multi-family buildings of 15 homes each, joined by a basement floor with 99 parking spaces for cars and 53 for motorcycles, as well as 88 storage rooms with capacity for 176 bicycles. It also has a communal garden area with a swimming pool, a paddle tennis court and a multipurpose area for community use.
We had to achieve a differentiating image of a Mediterranean building close to the sea, with light colors, wooden elements, lattices with slats to protect us from excessive insolation, and at the same time achieve the maximum energy rating.


A good orientation, the best possible views and the relationship between the blocks and the communal area are key elements in the location and distribution of the buildings inside the block.

The buildings will face south or southwest and all apartments from the 1st floor upwards will enjoy sea views. The ground floors will have a private garden and the rest will have large terraces. The buildings will be insulated with an exterior thermal insulation system, with large porches and lattices for solar protection and the homes will be equipped with a hybrid aerothermal system with direct expansion and with double flow ventilation and enthalpic heat recuperators.


A high-performance residential complex of more than 15,000 m2, completed in 18 months.

The project was completed in only 18 months. We have the 75 homes planned, all of them with high quality finishes, with 3 and 4 bedrooms, and with large outdoor terraces of 2.80m deep. The building has an A energy rating, both in primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions. A subway rainwater tank has also been built for irrigation of the community garden with a capacity of 260,000 liters.

Living in this development will allow its residents to enjoy the benefits of highly efficient facilities with very low energy consumption in a unique environment near the coast of El Garraf.